What if the definition of pretending is to deceive or give a false appearance? What if pretending can fool men, but it cannot fool God?  What if it's true that we are known by our fruits? What if Jesus was right in saying that not everyone who calls Him their Lord will enter heaven? (Matt 7:21) What if Satan wants me to believe I can sin and get away with it? What if God is not only a God of love and forgiveness, but also a God of justice and wrath? What if it is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God? (Heb 10:31) What if my love for the things of this world reveals that I do not belong to Christ?

(1 Jn 2:15)


 What if I really should examine myself to see if I am truly in the faith? What if I have not honestly been broken over my sins against God and completely surrendered to the Lordship of Jesus Christ? What if I have broken God's commandments thousands of times without even caring that it spits in the face of God? What if God holds me accountable for every lie, every lustful thought, and every time I felt hatred toward a person? What if God even considers my lust as adultery and my hatred as murder? What if I'm actually ignoring the God who gives me my every breath? What if I don't see myself as a despicable, wicked person who deserves nothing but eternity in hell? What if God does not desire for me to go to hell, but He will not force me to stop living my self-centered life? (Mark 8:34-38) What if even though I have been so selfish in my self-centered life, Jesus still desires me as He lovingly took the wrath of God upon Himself on the cross for me? What if this conviction on my heart is begging me to genuinely repent and to surrender my life and desires to Jesus Christ alone?


What if God had me read this for a reason? What if I'm pretending ...?


Shocking Message - Incredibly Powerful



Revival Hymn - A wake-up call


Please understand that what you may have been taught and led to believe by men is not what really matters... as it is actually God that we all have to stand before on the Day of Judgment. We do not wish to tell you only what you want to hear, but rather the undefiled Truth as given by God in His Word. This message is not being given to you out of harshness, but rather very much out of love. We too pretended to be Christians for many years, yet continued living self-centered lives.  Although we would sometimes just like to tell ourselves that everything is going to be OK and to keep coasting through life, we can't deny the Truth.


If it is true that a passionate obedience to Jesus Christ demonstrates whether you are truly broken over the vileness of your sins against Him and have been regenerated by the Holy Spirit, examine yourself... Does your life resemble that of a genuine follower of the Lord Jesus Christ who humbly gave His own blood for you?


If it is true that we are known by our fruits ... Does your profession hold true?

. . .


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